Digital marketing is changing. Again.

The lines between digital marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is blurring because the need for highly personalized, relevant communication is greater than ever before. The unique needs and desires of customers and prospects need be understood through CRM, then realized through marketing communication. Relevance is now the key to effective customer experiences, customer engagement, and revenue generation.

With these shifting trends, today’s challenge in digital marketing is to create and deliver sophisticated personalization from different data sources across multiple channels. But creating highly complex marketing communication can take a significant amount of effort, time and expertise.

AMPscript has been designed with these challenges in mind. It’s an extensive scripting language for Salesforce Marketing Cloud that enables highly sophisticated personalization, while also integrating with CRM platforms and external data sources.

Our goal in writing this book is to help Marketing Cloud users realize and leverage this powerful language to its full potential. This comprehensive reference manual provides documentation on every AMPscript function, with supporting code examples for real-world scenarios.

AMPscript can seem intimidating when you’re getting started, particularly if you aren’t familiar with scripting languages. But it doesn’t have to be. The language is actually based on a simple syntax that is easy to learn and quick to code.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the concepts and fundamentals in the Language chapter, then explore the different functions and try them using the supplied code examples.

We hope you enjoy reading and working with this book as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it.

Eliot and Adam