This function returns the current system date and time or the date and time of the original send. The date and time returned is Central Standard Time (CST) without any adjustments for daylight savings.



Ordinal Type Required Description
1 Boolean False A value of true returns the date and time the send started for a subscriber. A value of false returns the current date and time. The default value is false if no value is specified

NOTE: For a Triggered Send (or Journey email) a value of true returns the time the Triggered Send Definition was last published.



var @currentTime, @sendStartTime

set @currentTime  = Now()
set @currentTime =  format(@currentTime,"yyyyMMddhhmmss")

set @sendStartTime  = Now(1)
set @sendStartTime =  format(@sendStartTime,"yyyyMMddhhmmss")

currentTime: %%=v(@currentTime)=%%
<br>sendStartTime: %%=v(@sendStartTime)=%%


currentTime: 20191129015530
sendStartTime: 20191129015530