While code within an AMPscript block does not display output where the block appears in an email on a page, the Output function enables variable values to be output at the location where the code block appears.

This function is convenient when debugging AMPscript, as it enables variables or function values to be output in an email, message or page, without the requirement to output the code in an inline AMPscript function.



Ordinal Type Required Description
1 String True Evaluated function to display

NOTE: This function will only return a result from nested functions. It will not return a result if only a variable is used as an argument. For example Output(@firstName) will not output a value, even if the variable has been set within the code block.

Example 1

The following example outputs a @firstName variable from a Data Extension field, concatenated with a descriptive string:


var @firstName
set @firstName = Lookup("Members", "First Name", "Email", emailaddr)

Output(Concat("First Name: ", @firstName))



A field value of Nora will return the following output:

First Name: Nora

Example 2

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