Empty Return Handling Options

If the syndicated content URL returns empty content, the platform assumes there is no syndicated content relevant to the context of the email, and continues the email send. This behavior can be changed by appending a number delimited by a semicolon to the HTTPGet string.

The following values are supported.

Value Result
0 Continues processing (default value)
1 Stops processing the email send and returns an error
2 Skips sending the email to the respective Subscriber for the HTTPGet command, or stops processing the email send and returns an error for the Before;HTTPGet command

NOTE: This flag is ignored if used with the After;HTTPGet command.

Example 1

The following string is included in an email and the resolved URL returns an empty response for a Subscriber.

%%HTTPGet;1 "https://limedash.com/content?email=[email address]"%%


The email send is cancelled and an error is raised.

A subscriber level HTTPGET call completed but returned no content. This HTTPGET call is configured to stop the job when this happens.

Example 2

Not a subscriber? Subscribe now.