Email Data Strings

String Description Example Output
emailname_ Name assigned to the email Spring Newsletter

The context in which the Subscriber viewed the message or page. Either:

  • SEND – an email that is sent to a Subscriber
  • PREVIEW – an email that is previewed within the email editor
  • VAWP – an email opened as “view as web page” (from a view_email_url link in an email)
  • FTAF – an email that is sent as a “Forward to a Friend” message
  • LANDINGPAGE – content is viewed on a landing page, microsite page or CloudPage code resource
  • VALIDATION – email is validated using the validation option in Marketing Cloud
  • LINKRESOLUTION – a URL in an email that is resolved as a click-through link
  • SMS – an SMS message that is sent to a Subscriber
  • SOCIAL – email content that is shared using the Social Forward feature
Refer to Description
_replycontent Used in a Triggered Send Email that has been set as the “Triggered send to forward” option in a Sender Profile when Reply Mail Management is configured. Returns the email body that was included in the reply message. Refer to Description
_IsTestSend Resolves to true if the email was sent as a Test Send from Email Studio, otherwise the value is false false
jobid Returns the unique job identifier related to the email send 3210123
_PreHeader The preheader attribute assigned to the email. This string only returns a value when used in an AttributeValue function. For example, %%=AttributeValue("Preheader")=%% 30% off store-wide, this weekend only!