This function sets the state and status of the specified Microsoft Dynamics CRM entity. It does not return a value.



Ordinal Type Required Description
1 String True GUID of the record for which the state and status will be set
2 String True Name of the entity for record
3 String True State value to use. Valid values include Active and Inactive.
4 String True Status value to use. Valid values include 0, 1 and -1. The value of -1 resets to the default value.



var @GUID
var @entity
var @status
var @state

set @GUID = "84dfdf51-4741-4e15-92b9-67cc595c22b7"
set @entity = "Contact"
set @status = "Invactive"
set @state = "0"

SetStateMscrmRecord(@GUID, @entity, @status, @state)