This function returns the date and time a send starts or the date and time a send has completed for a specific subscriber. The date and time returned is Central Standard Time (CST) without any adjustments for daylight savings.



Ordinal Type Required Description
1 Boolean False A value of true returns the date and time the send started. A value of false returns the date and time the send completed for a subscriber. The default value is false if no value is specified.

NOTE: For a Triggered Send (or Journey email) no value or true returns the time the Triggered Send Definition was last published.



var @sendStartTime, @sendCompleteTime

set @sendStartTime  = GetSendTime(1)
set @sendStartTime =  format(@sendStartTime,"yyyyMMddhhmmss")

set @sendCompleteTime  = GetSendTime()
set @sendCompleteTime =  format(@sendCompleteTime,"yyyyMMddhhmmss")

sendStartTime: %%=v(@sendStartTime)=%%
<br>sendCompleteTime: %%=v(@sendCompleteTime)=%%


sendStartTime: 20191129015734
sendCompleteTime: 20191129015744