This function creates a static Content Area that is stored by key for the duration of the send. It will evaluate AMPscript included in the content retrieved, with a limit of 300 unique variations. If there are more than 300 unique variations, any subsequent versions will be rendered as the first.



Ordinal Type Required Description
1 String True Key value that identifies the content specified by the second argument
2 String True Content to be stored
3 String False Name of the Impression Region to wrap around content

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This example retrieves a test XML payload from a web service and replaces certain characters to display.


var @xmlContent
set @xmlContent = httpget("")
set @xmlContent = replace(replace(@xmlContent, ">", "&gt;"), "<", "&lt;")

%%=TreatAsContentArea("XMLContent", @xmlContent, "XML Content")=%%


&lt;?xml version='1.0' encoding='us-ascii'?&gt;

&lt;!--  A SAMPLE set of slides  --&gt;

    title="Sample Slide Show"
    date="Date of publication"
    author="Yours Truly"

    &lt;!-- TITLE SLIDE --&gt;
    &lt;slide type="all"&gt;
      &lt;title&gt;Wake up to WonderWidgets!&lt;/title&gt;

    &lt;!-- OVERVIEW --&gt;
    &lt;slide type="all"&gt;
        &lt;item&gt;Why &lt;em&gt;WonderWidgets&lt;/em&gt; are great&lt;/item&gt;
        &lt;item&gt;Who &lt;em&gt;buys&lt;/em&gt; WonderWidgets&lt;/item&gt;