This function enables integration with Live Content in Marketing Cloud. Live Content includes the following features:

  • Live Image: compares the effectiveness of two images within email content
  • Live Offers: dynamically renders coupon barcodes or text as an image on a landing page

While Live Offers can dynamically include a coupon image in an email, this function returns a link to view the coupon on a microsite page. This is useful when including Live Offers in SMS messages or text-only emails.



Ordinal Type Required Description
1 String True Content type; currently only coupon is supported as an argument value
2 String True External Key of the Live Content

NOTE: Only Live Offers (coupons) is currently supported by this function.


The following code is used in an SMS to generate a link for a Live Offers coupon that uses an External Key of 50percent.

Claim your 50% off coupon at: %%=LiveContentMicrositeURL('coupon', '50percent')=%%


The function returns the URL of the microsite page to display the coupon.

Claim your 50% off coupon at: