This function is required when using the <a> HTML hyperlink tag in emails when the hypertext reference (href) attribute is either an attribute or a variable and the hyperlink is a tracked email link.

If link tracking in an email is not enabled when the email is sent, the RedirectTo function is not required.

If the RedirectTo function is not used in the href attribute when an attribute or variable is used, the hyperlink will not be resolved with the attribute or variable, for example it will appear as,



Ordinal Type Required Description
1 String True Attribute or variable containing the URL to redirect to

NOTE: HTML bookmarks are not supported by the RedirectTo function; for example, a link value that resolves to


In the following example, an email is sent from a Sendable Data Extension containing a field named ‘store’.


var @link, @store
set @store = AttributeValue("store")
set @link = concat("", @store)

Sign up <a href="%%=RedirectTo(@link)=%%">here</a> to receive special offers.


For a Subscriber with a store value of ‘Melbourne’, the following tracked href hyperlink attribute will be resolved when the email link is clicked.