This function will set the keyword for the next message in a conversation. It does not create a new conversation. Rather, it sets the next conversation path similar to CreateSmsConversation, but for an existing conversation. The Next Keyword is set once the Contact replies to the message.

The function will return true if the next keyword is successfully set, or false if an exception occurs. The function can only be used in MobileConnect messages and will return false if used in a different application context, for example in Email Studio or CloudPages.



Ordinal Type Required Description
1 Number True Short code or long code used by MobileConnect
2 Number True Contact’s mobile number with country code prefix
3 String True Keyword to use for Next Keyword function

NOTE: This function cannot be used in conversation-based templates such as Double Opt-In, Vote/Survey or Info Capture messages.


A message template includes the following code that is used in a Text Response message within an existing conversation:


var @discountAmount, @nextKeyword
set @discountAmount = Lookup("SMS Offers", "Percent Discount", "Mobile Number", MOBILE_NUMBER)
set @nextKeyword = Concat(@offer,"PERCENT")

SetSmsConversationNextKeyword(61401123456, MOBILE_NUMBER, @nextKeyword)

Reply with your email address to receive %%=v(@discountAmount)=%%% percent off your next purchase.

The @discountAmount variable returns a number based on a value in the Data Extension. A matching keyword has been created for each discount; for example 10PERCENT, 20PERCENT and 50PERCENT. These keywords are assigned to other Text Response messages.


For a @discountAmount value of 20, a Contact will receive the message below and the Next Keyword will be set as 20PERCENT when they reply to the message.

Reply with your email address to receive 20% off your next purchase.