Not Operator

A not operator can be used to reverse the logic of a Boolean evaluation.

Example 1


var @statusTier, @amount, @freeShipping
set @statusTier = "Gold"
set @amount = 125

if @statusTier == "Gold" and not @amount > 100 then
  set @freeShipping = true


<p>You %%=Iif(@freeShipping == true, "qualify","do not qualify")=%% for free shipping.</p>


In the above example, the logic evaluation of the second expression is reversed, so the following output will be displayed:

<p>You not qualify for free shipping.</p>

Example 2

The not operator can also be used to reverse the evaluation of an AMPscript function:

<p>Dear %%=Iif(not Empty(FirstName), FirstName, "Member")=%%,</p>


In this example, if the ‘FirstName’ attribute is not empty, then the attribute will be displayed; otherwise the constant value ‘Member’ will be displayed:

<p>Dear Member,</p>