MobileConnect Contact Data Strings

The following personalization strings represent the MobileConnect Demographic data for a mobile subscriber in Marketing Cloud.

String Description Example Output
_CarrierID Carrier ID 4
_Channel Channel Mobile
_City City Overland Park
_ContactID Contact ID 13197985
_CountryCode Country code US
_CreatedBy The ID of the entity that created the Contact 6387679
_CreatedDate Date the Contact was created 2018-10-01 13:33
_FirstName First name Nora
_IsHonorDST Contact’s time zone honors Daylight Savings Time True or False
_LastName Last name Taylor
_MobileNumber Mobile number 19135551212
_ModifiedBy ID of the entity that last modified the Contact 6387679
_ModifiedDate Date and time the Contact data was last modified 2018-10-02 12:22
_Priority Priority to use when sending a message to the Contact 1
_Source Source of Contact information Mobile Opt-in
_SourceObjectID Internal unique ID of the Contact’s source 2
_State State associated with the Contact KS
_Status Send status of the Contact
  • -1 – Unspecified
  • 1 – Active
  • 2 – Bounced
  • 3 – Held
  • 4 – Unsubscribed
_UTCOffset Number of hours from which the Contact’s time zone deviates from UTC -6
_ZipCode Zip code associated with the Contact 55555

NOTE: CarrierID field values are reportedly incorrect or inconsistent. Use with caution.

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