MobileConnect Data Strings

MobileConnect messages use nouns and verbs. A verb is a keyword used in a Mobile Originated (MO) message. Nouns are strings that appear after the keyword. In the example below, OFFER is the keyword, or verb, of the message and Curt Harris forms the message nouns.

OFFER Curt Harris
String Description Example Output
MOBILE_NUMBER The mobile number of the Contact, prefixed with an area code 17182097651
SHORT_CODE The associated short or long code used to send the message 111322 (short code) or 19172759833 (long code)
MSG(0) The entire message OFFER Curt Harris
MSG(0).VERB The message keyword OFFER
MSG(0).NOUNS The part of the message after the verb Curt Harris
MSG(0).NOUN([n]) Returns the ā€˜nā€™ noun in the current message using a zero-based index, (0 returns the first noun, 1 returns the second noun etc.) MSG(0).NOUN(0) = Curt
MMS_CONTENT_URL([n]) Similar to MSG(0) but used for MMS messages. Returns the URL of the MMS content from the incoming MO message, where ā€˜nā€™ is the zero-based index of the MMS content contained in the MO message. A value of 0 indicates the MMS content in the current MO message.


This example code is used in a text response template and inserts the message into a Data Extension when a Contact replies to a text response message.

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